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Ash Moonlight

Ash Moonlight Book by author Dewalt du Plessis

A story, a tale of legend between two clans who were once bonded on a battlefield long forgotten. A tale of a boy without sight, and a girl that’s only friends are the voices in her head. In a time after The great star fall. No longer united by a common enemy, the over tightened, ever souring threads of disdain between the Ahusaka and Dyenie thicken with each passing day. One mistimed provoke on either side may just force the land to bear witness to a third genocide. Something that no side truly wishes to inflict on the forests and rivers, but family comes first. Whether it will be the Ahusaka with their fierce angelic wings carrying their bodies with boulders in hand to rain down destruction on the Dyenie; or, the Dyenie’s claws, each sharper than the blade of a sword, slitting and forever silencing the unsuspecting throats of the Ahusaka in their tents in the dead of night, only time will speak of the fate which is to befall the land.

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July 12, 2023





Ash Moonlight Book by author Dewalt du Plessis

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